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Recently our audio streaming provider had to move our station on to a new server. Whilst this hasn't had a major impact on the majority of our listeners, we have had a few that are reporting that they can no longer receive us in their Internet radios.

ROBERTS are in the process of updating their platform to resume service but because there are numerous types of radios using different providers we need your help to resolve the issue.

The audio stream they should be using for our station is: http://4483.cloudrad.io:8130/live

If you are able to manually add a station to your internet radio using this URL will enable you to listen to us again.

If you are able to contact the service that provides radio stations for your internet radio please do so and ask them to update the stream URL for  Solid Gold Gem AM to: http://4483.cloudrad.io:8130/live

We thank you for your help and understanding and hope that you will be able to listen to us again very soon.
To listen to Solid Gold Gem.AM wherever you are.

We suggest you download the TuneIn APP as mentioned below or of course one way is what you are doing right now, listening via the radio player on the Home Page of this website.

However you listen we hope you will love our selection of the World's greatest oldies all brought to you commercial free.
To download the TuneIn APP visit their website at www.tunein.com or your APP store.

The TuneIn Radio APP comes in two versions.

There is a free version and a PRO version The only difference is that the PRO version allows you to record radio programmes as well as listen to them.

Both versions are available for Tablet and Smartphone and the free version for PC.

Once you have it installed, search for
Solid Gold Gem AM and add us as one of your favourites.

Please note: Solid Gold Gem AM is only available in the UK on TuneIn
SONOS is a complete home audio system that not only allows you to listen to your own music in every part of your home it also allows you to listen to online radio stations such as Solid Gold Gem.AM

For more information visit the SONOS website at www.sonos.com
Listen live to Solid Gold Gem AM on your Alexa device.

Just say "Alexa, launch Solid Gold Gem AM" or "Alexa, play Solid Gold Gem AM" to start the radio.

At anytime, you can stop the radio by saying "Alexa, stop".
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