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Stephen Wells

Inoculated by a nurse with a gramophone needle when I was six months old back in the fifty’s and so it was then that my decision to play records on the wireless began.

In 1965 getting my first transistor radio and listening to Radio Caroline (The home of the good guys) and to Manx Radio and noticing how much fun they were having I was hooked and decided that I must somehow have a go. The start of Independent Local Radio in the 1970’s and it was a done deal.

Piccadilly Radio, Radio Hallam, Radio City and Radio Tees were all in range of my transistor and all broadcast on VHF all of them got sent a C60 with a demo from my bedroom.

Managed to do some helping out at Marcher Sound but that was never regular work, so had to get a job that paid the mortgage. So for a few years gave up this radio lark, for what my mother called a proper job.

I love music radio, and so now have the chance to play songs from artists from the 50’s 60’ and the 70’s I am delighted to be part of a team of broadcasters at Solid Gold Gem AM the way radio used to be.

Join Stephen weekday mornings as he serves-up ‘Snap, Crackle & Pop’ – (yes ‘Cackle’) a leisurely musical concoction, with cosy chat, the ‘Pub Quiz’ questions, some daily ‘Snap’ surprises, and your weather.


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Stephen Wells

Snap, Cackle & Pop

Stephen Wells