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Pat Murphy

My passion for radio started in the early 70s listening to Tom Browne’s Radio One chart show. My brother always had the radio playing, and I built my first transmitter, and broadcast to my mum and dad from my bedroom aged 9! My mum always listened to old songs, and on a record player that you could stack a bunch of 45s on, and after each had played the next would drop down and the arm would cross over and play until there were none left!

Radio in the 70s was mesmerising for me. I will never forget the start of commercial radio. Those first 19 stations made many of the DJ’s into massive stars. I lived in Arundel and would try and walk to the top of the hill to pick up Capital Radio where I could hear my favourite DJ’s Kenny Everett and Roger Scott.

I managed to find a volunteer job answering phones at BBC Radio Brighton, and one thing led to another. I was probably 16 or 17 when I was allowed on-air for the first time, and I can assure you it was truly terrible – any copies have been destroyed! Since then I have worked at Ocean Sound, Chiltern, Thames, Swan FM, Win FM, Mix 106, Radio Jackie and many many others. In addition I had a career in advertising, producing some of the most iconic TV ads that you might have seen in the 80s and 90s. I combined that with becoming a pundit and was the advertising expert on LBC, and the BBC for many years.

During my advertising career I was lucky enough to make commercials with some of the biggest stars. including Spike Milligan, Hughie Green, Fenella Fielding, Madonna, Joanna Lumley, Elton John and a ton more. Someone asked me the other day which was my most memorable experience making ads; I think it has to be working on Concorde for British Airways for their ad in about 1986.

I still work in advertising, for some of the world’s biggest clients, but I am lucky enough to have time to be on Solid Gold Gem AM, playing great oldies and the hottest jingles anywhere!


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