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Graham Collins

Since I was 12 I have never been very far from a microphone, either pointing it at people and things or talking into it. My interest in pressing buttons and listening to music eventually got the better of me and I was persuaded to have a go at radio – and I have been getting away with it, on occasion, ever since.

My broadcasting heroes are Roger Scott & John Dunn, both sadly missed and responsible for getting me hooked on the magic of good radio.

They both made me feel as if I was their only listener and proved that you didn’t need to shout or be ‘Showbiz’ when the microphone was opened.

I really do listen to anything and everything and can see merit in all performance. I think because I am not ‘musical’ I am always impressed with the people who are. If pushed I will say that my favourite band is Steely Dan, so forgive me a little indulgence now and then.

Email: grahamc@solidgoldgemam.co.uk


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Graham Collins

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Graham Collins