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Dave Nightingale

Dave is our newest recruit, but although he may be fresh faced, he’s had over 25 years of experience in radio and as a full time DJ and entertainments manager. He’s also currently part of a number of radio people assisting in the archiving of the history of UK Commercial Radio, helping to restore and document both sounds and documentation for future reference in a number of digital formats.

In 1991, he joined BBC Radio Sheffield to be part of their community action team. This included presenting on air twice every weekday morning – quite a daunting task for what was then a 17 year student. From there, he moved into working on Restricted Service Licence stations during the early 1990’s – the most successful being Forge FM in Sheffield, which during his 4 year stay with them did 6 broadcasts and won an award from Barclays Bank for community inclusion – of which Dave was part of the team. The organisation also successfully ran the official radio station for the 1995 and 1996 Sheffield Children’s Festival – with Dave launching the station in 1995.

In September 1996 he then took a break from presenting to be the house DJ and entertainments manager of the Rock Island Diner at the Meadowhall Centre in Sheffield – a themed 50/60’s American diner with its own “radio station” on site . Playing Elvis, Chuck Berry & the Beach Boys every day must have stood him in good stead for his future role with GEM. On top of that, he was responsible for arranging themed nights around such films as Grease and the Blues Brothers – which proved extremely popular with shoppers and visitors from far and wide.

After leaving the Diner to commence a role in HR in 1999, the radio bug started to bite again, and in 2002, he joined the highly successful Hospital Radio station at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Chrystal Radio. In his 9 year stay with them, Dave saw many staff come through the ranks to join a number of major commercial radio stations, of which both Dave worked alongside, co-presented with, and even trained. He then moved to the community sector – joining Chorley FM in 2011 where he enjoyed a 5yr stint (including launching his own show “The Party Train”), plus WHCR in Hull in 2012 where he presented a variety of shows. Also during this time, he spent 6 months working at Real Radio Yorkshire in a production role.

In late 2013 he was then approached to form part of the launch team for a new radio station in the city, Hull Kingston Radio, which won an FM licence in the April of the following year, launched online in August 2014, and following testing, on FM in February 2015. Dave was the first voice on air on the first day, and since that point, has presented live sport – including a 6hr show from Wembley Stadium – plus a variety of music shows, drive time, Saturday afternoons, and re-launched the “Party Train” in January 2018.


Afternoon Delight

Dave Nightingale