Meet Len Davies

image Len Davies was born in Wales and grew up in the 60’s heavily influenced by the music and TV of the time, all of which shaped his desire and abilities to be a DJ, Actor, Musician and Producer in the entertainment field. For nearly 40 years Len has chased that dream and after starting his DJ career in 1968, created a history of award winning music and TV projects in the UK and Europe, working with companies as diverse as the BBC, Sky, Discovery, and Channel 4 to name but a few.

His career led him to Germany in 1989 where ‘The Magical History Tour’ was born, initially on a Wednesday evening to over 2,000 people in Jovel Music Hall in Muenster. Upon his eventual return to the UK it became a radio show that has featured on stations both in the UK and USA including ‘SolidGold14k’, ‘Decades Radio’ and KCLA FM in Los Angeles. He currently presents Sunday from 4-6pm right here on Solid Gold Gem AM.