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Solid Gold Gem AM

Created by a group of professional radio DJs who have worked in radio from the 1970s onwards, we decided to knock our heads together; so in 2012 we recreated a classic ‘oldies’ station. Solid Gold GEM AM is based on the East Midlands station GEM-AM, where some of our DJs presented ‘the first time around’.

We really LOVE the oldies and play them from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s with a little New Gold too. We broadcast 24 hours a day, oh and we are commercial free too! We really are, Radio Like It Used To Be.

On Air & Upcoming Shows

Friday 7:00 am

Snap, Cackle & Pop

Friday 9:00 am

The Golden Year

Friday 10:00 am


Friday 12:00 pm

1960s Café

Friday 1:00 pm

Afternoon Delight

Friday 3:00 pm

The Goldmine

Friday 4:00 pm

The Golden One

Friday 6:00 pm

The 80s Zone

Friday 8:00 pm

Top 40 Countdown USA


Solid Gold Gem
Solid Gold Gem48 minutes ago
Let Andy Siddell take you back to a very special year, and see if you can workout which one it's going to be today. Join Andy for the Golden year at 9am BST.
Solid Gold Gem
Solid Gold Gem7 hours ago
Our programmes for today including Afternoon Delight and the Getogether.
Solid Gold Gem
Solid Gold Gem12 hours ago
Well it's our lats show for Krissi Carpenter for this week, so come and Join our lovely Krissi with some late night love at 10pm BST on Radio Like it used to be.