Meet Paul Burbank

image Radio was always the place I wanted to be, even as a schoolboy, but first I had to have far too much fun disc jockeying in discos and night clubs. That was in the days when the DJ's actually used a microphone...

When punk and new wave music became the music requested in the disco type venues, I knew the time had come for radio! I worked on Ireland's WABC and shortwave Radio Fax. I was invited by
Len Groat, the original GEM AM programme controller, to join his team in 1992.
After some years I left the station following management changes which saw the decline of GEM begin.

I then joined another gold station just up the road in Sheffield, Great Yorkshire Gold. It was good, but barely in GEM's league. Then I presented the breakfast show on Q102 followed by an ongoing oldies show on an AM regional station.

I have always looked back at my time on the original GEM AM very fondly and am absolutely delighted to be back on the team.

After all, it still is the best ever oldies station... And those jingles... WOW... Perfection!