Meet Andy Marriott

image I think I now probably qualify as a veteran broadcaster, having been on the radio and TV since the age of 20 in 1981.

My career began as a dog's body at BBC Radio Lincolnshire. In 1984 I joined the Radio Trent group as a member of the original presentation team at Leicester Sound.

I was part of the original line-up on Trent's Derbyshire service in 1987 as presenter of the breakfast show. Then in October 1988 one of the world's greatest radio stations was born. GEM AM.
I was there from day one until 1996, by this time the station had changed hands and was in decline.

In common with my colleagues Andy Siddell & John Darvall here at Solid Gold GEM AM, I also had a parallel career in TV. As one of the main announcers on Central TV in the Midlands on weekdays and for London Weekend Television. I retired from TV in 2002 when all the regional ITV stations were homogenised into one bland lump.

I briefly returned to radio in the autumn of 2001 as afternoon presenter and head of music for Saga Radio. Once again corporate nonsense got in the way of great radio and Saga sold its radio stations to Smooth. I left.

Great, fun, innovative and just plain good radio is something of the past. Except here at Solid Gold GEM AM.

I am proud to be part of this, almost as proud as I was to be part of the original in 1988.